Anusara Yoga opens 

your heart

Niki’s passion for Yoga started 14 years ago, when living in New York. She was struggling to find her balance in the fast pace of the city, and Yoga soon became her safe haven and place to find peace and balance within herself.


Over the years, Niki practiced many styles of Yoga – but it was the teachings of Anusara Yoga that truly allowed her to go deeper and enter the journey into her own heart. Since then, Niki has been certified as an Anusara Inspired Yoga teacher, and has found her calling in being a Soulmap coach, where she helps people find out what their heart really wants. 


Niki’s focus as a yoga teacher is to combine Asana teachings with reflections on different specific topics that we are all dealing with in life. Like this every yoga class becomes a moment to not only open up the body, but also the heart and mind for a different perspective on things.


Her classes reflect her personality of being a global nomad and simply having trust in life: in every class Niki will take you on a journey – just as life is. A journey of inspiration, self-discovery and expansion.