Soulmap - helps you find 

your purpose in life

How does it work?

The Soulmap process is very personal - just as life is. In general it will take an average of 2-3 sessions to develop your Soulmap.  The first 1-2 sessions are all about you and your input for the Soulmap.  The last session is dedicated to discussing your personal Soulmap.

Each session takes about 2 hours. Before the last session, Niki will prepare your personal Soulmap.



What happens in detail?

The first session starts by a short meditation together, where Niki will help you to connect to your heart and ground yourself in your intuition. You will then take your own time to intuitively select pictures out of 2 different magazines, which you have purchased beforehand and bring to the session. The focus is on pictures that speak to you - that somehow stand out or trigger you. Could be positive triggers, but also things you dislike.

You will then explain each picture to Niki - by calling out why you have chosen it, what it means to you etc. Niki will type everything that you say (for your own future reference) and also intuitively guide you to more aspects. 

After the input sessions, we will discuss your personal Soulmap. You will get a very clear insight on:

* your current situation
* the unlimited potential of yourself / your soul
* how you can get there: a clear roadmap for yourself
* any possible blockages that might hold you back right now

Niki will explain the layout of your map and insights found -with plenty of time to reflect the outcomes together. We will together be discussing the deeper understanding but also big picture of your map - and how it will serve you as a roadmap and guidance to your year ahead.


What happens after my Soulmap session?

There are 3 follow up sessions recommended after your Soulmapping:

1. Action: the first session should take place after 2-3 weeks, to discuss the outcomes after you had time to let them sink in. Clear directions will already become clear and we will make a detailed 'action plan' on how to integrate your steps into daily life.

2. Visualization:  in the second session, Niki will help you visualize your unlimited potential. She is using a renowned visualizing method that will not only enable to clearly define your unlimited potential for yourself, but also help you how to apply it in daily life. Visualizing is the key to manifesting  your own future. This session is recommended about 1 month later.

3. Maintenance: This session take place about 3 months after you Soulmapping. The first visualizations will already have taken place, some obstacles are removed and the daily actions are well in place. This is the moment to review and possibly re-focus your visualizations - Niki will intuitively guide you in this process.