Soulmap - helps you find 

your purpose in life

A soulmap is a journey to find out what your soul really wants. It will help you find out and visualize your life's purpose.

The outcome of this guided soulsearching session is an actual Soulmap, which gives you an overview on where your soul is currently at, a clear picture of what the unlimited potential of your soul is - and clear direction on how to get there. It will enable you to 'see' your own life and soul from an outsider's pov.

It is an intuitive process, where Niki helps you to get an insight into your subconscious. She will help you access that information in an easy and almost playful manner - simply by picking pictures that stand out to you and describing what each of them means to you.

Niki has learned the Soulmapping technique from renowned healer Michelle Wood in South Africa. She initially did Niki's soulmap and helped her visualize her own unlimited potential. This map has changed Niki's life so significantly that she made it her own mission to give people access to this wonderful and simple tool here in Europe - so that everybody is able to consciously see and follow their own path.