Soulmap - helps you find 

your purpose in life

Testimonies of Soulmap Clients: 



Testimony by Imke (Strategic Project Manager)

Please read Imke's blog about her Soulmap Experience - featured on The Hub Amsterdam website



Testimony by Lucie (Actress)

"I met Niki while I was traveling in Bali for two months. She introduced to her  "Soulmap" and I thought it was so incredible I immediately wanted one too! Niki guided me through the fun and soul searching journey of my map. The whole process of making my "Soulmap" was a beautiful and powerful journey into my heart.  It was one of the highlights of my trip!  Niki is an amazing woman and her insight in putting the map together was touching and inspiring. I ended up taking a picture of it as my screensaver and was so excited to watch it unfold!"



Testimony by Vincent (Strategic Manager)

"I enjoy my soulmap every day after putting it on my desktop. Fantastic reminder about what I have to do to find the right balance in my life"



Testimony by Anne (Business owner)


"In one of the most difficult periods in my life I came across Soulmap knowing Niki as a client of my own business.


What I went through in 4 sessions is not easy to describe. Starting of as a human wreck full of selfpity and anger, I ended up as a self-confident man, able to face the challenges of life.


Instead of looking at the outside world in fear and frustration, Niki taught me to go inside and make the search for your inner child and find strength to face the facts of daily life. A journey I will never forget and will always be grateful for. Of course problems in life are not solved in an instant, but being able to look at the from an other perspective is already a huge step.


Problems at work, a possible divorce, having to sell the house; all serious problems which cause a heavy burden on your wellbeing. Niki is the kind of truthful and honest person that helps you find ways of handling these things. Completely open minded, a good listener and a beautiful woman.


Having completed the Soulmap we unfortunately came to an end of this wonderful journey. However, this is only the beginning. An ongoing process with possible follow up sessions that will give even more room for self-enlightning and fullfilment of dreams and future plans. I now look into a bright future even though all problems do still exist. The way to handle problems has completely changed. No more anger and frustration, but trust and honesty to challenge the rocky road up ahead.


Whatever your questions or frustrations are, Soulmap will give you direction that you create yourself from the inside instead of trying to solve things on the outside. I couldn’t think of anyone not being enlightened by Niki’s work!"



Testimony by Hildegard (Voice Actress & Yoga Teacher)

"The beautiful thing about doing a Soulmap is that Niki creates a space, by transforming herself into a sacred, safe, powerful and balanced vessel for your own wisdom to come through. Later on, with her own unique presence, she empowers and inspires you to realize your unique gifts by offering you her own gift in the form of the SoulMap. This is to me what great teachers and coaches do: they make sure you don't need them anymore as soon as possible!"



Testimony by Hans (Marketing Director)

"Talking about your future and discussing what sits in the way to live your life to your full potential can be very non committal and often avoids the real issues. Niki takes you through this discussion and together you create a clear visual reminder. 

Your soul map keeps you on track on what your goals are and what works for you. As a rational male, I like the fact that it is a clear guide on where you should focus your energy on."