helps you connect to your heart is a place for everyone who wishes to connect more deeply with their souls. Our every day live keeps us so busy that it is sometimes hard to really listen inside and feel what our real passion and purpose is in life. As a result people feel unhappy and restless in their current situation.   Niki Schilling, the founder of Soulshine, has made it her own life’s purpose to help people find out what they need to let their own souls shine. The goal of Soulshine is to connect you with your heart, help you feel and see what you really want and how you can live your heart’s true desire.

Yoga, Jewelry & Soulmaps might sound like a random set  of ‘services’ to offer to help people find out what they really want. But each of them have their own place for different moments in life.

Soulmaps – the most direct and clear way to find out what your soul really wants. A deep and insightful journey, which will take you into the past, present and future – and show you clearly which steps you need to take to reach your own unlimited potential.

Soulshine jewelry – will make you shine in daily life! Soulshine jewelry has a specific purpose & meaning. The power of the stones and talismans support your energy – whether that is on an emotional, physical or spiritual level. The way to choose your jewelry is by intention: in what area of your life do you need support right now? The Malas & Bracelets will help you with that. Each of them are made with love and in a special combination of stones / talismans that will support your intention in the most powerful way. And last but not least, they simply make you look beautiful.

Soulshine Yoga – a very powerful way to connect with your body & soul. For many, Yoga is just a tool to relax and stretch, but when practiced more regularly will release blockages that have held you back from really connecting to your heart. A powerful way to ground and open your body, connect to your intuition, and bring relaxation and peace to your mind.