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Who is behind Soulshine?


Niki Schilling, founder of soulshine.cc, discovered the magic of Soulmaps, Malas and Yoga while literally traveling around the world.

Like many who embark upon a soul-searching journey, Niki was facing a crisis in her life. She lost her relationship and her home, and her fast-paced career was no longer fulfilling enough for her to hang her identity on. She was forced to face herself and question her beliefs on what she needed to be happy.

Even before her world toppled, Niki had an inkling of what was to come. As the global womens sports marketing manager of adidas, she was involved in handling the marketing of the adidas yoga line. This sparked her own yoga practice and, eventually, her certification as an Anusara Inspired yoga teacher. Itʼs a fact that you canʼt practice yoga regularly, with consciousness, and not experience change. For Niki that change brought about the desire to turn more deeply inward and also to travel—both of which led to the creation of Soulshine.


During her travels, Niki began trusting her intuition again. It led her to study with healers in South Africa and Bali, who helped her realize she has the talent to facilitate healing in others. Niki learned a technique called “Soulmap”, which is a process that guides people into discovering what their souls truly want. With each soul mapping session, Niki felt her own light shine brighter too. She knew she’d found the flow that helped her intuition blossom.

It is this flow which, while living on Bali, also led her to buy a Mala that promised to align her Chakras. After wearing it for a few days, she received an insight during meditation to approach the artist about a partnership. From there, a community of like-minded, soulful, designers was born. Niki is now co-creating the Soulshine jewelry collection with this talented community.

Soulshine.cc is a place for everyone who hopes to connect more deeply with their heart and soul. Whether through Yoga, Malas or a Soulmap, intuition is always the best guide.